Thanks for the inquiry,

There are challenges with 1.9 billion shares trading at different price levels. There are a lot of .004 and some .005(+/-) traders holding stock.

Several Day Traders are against the IJJ Corporation expansion. Unfortunately, history shows this few will keep driving the shares price down for personal gain and not for the good of the company or other shareholders who have higher-priced day trading IJJP Shares.

I was too ambitious with proposing delivery dates with the crew currently building eCETP, but the app is now ready. In addition, they are ensuring it’s prepared to meet the international use case requirements the app is designed to deliver.

Invite for Testers:

We have deployed the application, and within the next few weeks, there will be invites to specific individuals, 12 in total, to dry run and provide comments.

Change in the Deployment Dates

Montech identified several processing issues with the technology approach using the selected blockchain, but with their knowledge in Cryptocurrency, mobile WebApp, and DevOps resources, the app is a good product. We are performance testing and drilling data and fine-tuning the eCETP.

I have stated several times that once the products offered in the upcoming eCETP Donation Contribution platform have product sales, consideration to reducing the outstanding shares to stabilize the market value of IJJ Corporation is paramount.

The Reverse Split:

While a reverse split is inevitable, the time frame is more than six months up to 12 months within that timeframe, once IJJ Corporation’s revenues from sales dictate the change.

Day Traders can support the market value, increasing the availability of additional financial tools to maintain current status and move beyond a Non-reporting to Fully-reporting. Once IJJCorp achieves two recycling periods of orders received and processed, expect that there will be some changes.

Respectfully Clifford Pope