Connecting the Future to Partnership Initiatives

Connecting a Future requires setting in motion planning strategies requires more than a single gesture of hope. Planning must include other reliable entities with in-kind interest; Yes, there will always be variance with independence and slightly different viewpoints.

eCETP will serve three integrated initiatives:

  1. Offer an economical vehicle for organizations to build subscribers to fund community programs and projects.
  2. Provide the ability for governments worldwide and Nonprofit organizations to fund ongoing budgetary requirements and reduce debt that improves the organization’s financial status.
  3. We sell products that allow eCETP to generate working capital to donate to funding economic development programs to stimulate financial recovery and training programs sponsored by our SR partnerships.

Next, teaming with the other SR corporations, IJJ Corp is committed to allocating 50% of Gross profits toward funding the Platform. In addition, we will establish partnerships to match our contributions to open training centers and provide free training programs to create professional and traditional trade skills for employment within their industries.

Our goal is to develop outcomes to impact and push changes within communities where the underserved, long-term systemic poverty inhibits the ability to inherit economic resources. The SR Platform with training is the foundation to stimulate economic prosperity worldwide.

We connect the future with in-kind SRs to make a real-time difference in partnerships.