Funding & Payment Processing Services

eCommerce Exchange Trading Platform providing funding & Payment Processing Services.

eCETP Donation Campaign Dashboard

The System Overview:

eCETP Business Processing Service Marketplace:  
  • The eCETP Enterprise Ecosystem 
  • The Backers Project and Program Donation Platform

Offering an eCommerce Exchange Platform (eCETP) as a hybrid enterprise solution processing Donations & Contributions.

The eCommerce provides order fulfillments as a donation management processing service using a Dashboard environment as a cloud app or a downloadable client interface with options for local processing and offsite storage and retrievals.

The Application provides Rewards with Benefits for participating in funding programs and projects.


Our IT Consulting History Since 1998

IJJCorp’s history started as a diversified technologies company focused on developing high-tech solutions.
The primary customer base where government and private sectors to accelerate decision making through rapid information gathering and processing.

The Company technologies included:

  • Data and Video Conferencing Solutions
  • Disaster Shelter Management and First Responder Systems
  • Enterprise Management Power Suites
  • IT Management and Consulting Services
  • Mobile Disaster Management Systems
  • Network Operation Centers
  • Rapid Voice Data Transfer
  • Secure Data Center Services
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol

The Product Solution and Who is the Customer?

A Structured Donation Service with Essential Components To Create A Trustful Circulation Of Fiat Within A Secured Private Membership Platform.

The Customers are Organizations United to Address Real-Time Funding Requirements were eCETP Solutions is an Alternative Resource.

The Product Solution:

Donator Backer Package (DBP)

The DBP contains one ERC-777 (RETAINER) as the Retainer with prepackaged blocks of ERC-223 (ART) as the Account Receipts convertible on eCETP into Rewards and also used as the Donor receipt for deposit and withdrawal benefits. This Package is called the Buy 1 Token and Get A Block of Account Receipts.

Donor Package (DP)

The DP is titled Buy 1 Token Get 2 rewards, where they are supplied two bonus ERC-223s that are redeemable on the eCETP Exchange. In this package, the Donor elects to contribute by purchasing rewards for future donations

Donation Platform Primary Service:
  1. The BPaaS is primarily used for Backers and Donor to fund Projects and Programs, NOT like charitable giving, but where communities get together to support improvement and betterment initiatives.
  1. The customer is either a nonprofit or for-profit organization petitioned by a community to allocate working capital to fund canceled services due to adverse impacts in reducing taxation collection, prevailing economic conditions.
Offering Option to Participate in Contribution, Rewards, and Benefits:
  1. The Membership will build relationships within their communities to Back projects or ongoing budgetary programs of interest to their welfare and community Goodwill.
Exempt IRS 501(c)(3) Organization Types:
  1. Charitable Organizations
  2. Churches and Religious Organizations
  3. Private Foundations
  4. Political Organizations
  5. Other Nonprofits
Government Entities
  1. Federal State Local Governments
  2. Indian Tribal Governments
  3. Governmental Liaisons
  4. International Alliance Partners
Sponsorship Providers
  1. Fundraiser Charter Groups
  2. Social Groups
  3. Neighborhood Associations
  4. Established businesses

Our customer base is Nonprofit and For-profit entities approved by being registered to solicit donations or sponsor donation services to receive contributions.

For-Profit Certified Campaign Experts
  • The For-Profit Alliance Partners are the marketing focus.
  • The agreement commits them to be Certified eCETP campaign experts to market fundraising services to many prospective clients worldwide.
  • Without the For-Profits, the magnitude of creating worldwide campaign services would be almost impossible.

The Membership Plan:

Memberships are provided worldwide for organizations interested in utilizing trustful alternative funding resources to improve community budgeting initiatives.

We are developing teams in countries at state governments and county levels and Nonprofit organizations to help fund community-based projects and programs.

For-profit Organizations: One Segment of the Marketing Team involves funding community-based projects and programs. The For-Profit is a marketing force that will create the volumes as presented in the Go-To-Market Plan

The Second Segment: For-Profit encompassing an assortment of Social Groups, Neighborhood Associations, and established businesses that designate a nonprofit or charitable as an approved project or program order to sponsor a fundraiser.

Our Vision

To Create Partnerships Unites as support groups to provide an Economic Impact within a regulated world:

In almost every case, registration requires an approved permit to conduct business. Therefore, we deploy a Decentralized Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) Platform within a trustful structure as a permissible venue.

  • The BSaaS constraints clearly define how to participate in fundraising, and collecting and soliciting donations are not permitted.
  • Its a responsibility to Validate and maintain updated ruling and changes that may affect members in meeting state laws regulating soliciting funds for charitable purposes within the USA and Abroad.
  • The membership process has three levels of approval to become a member. First, the Member Evidence Clause provides the provision, Participate in MTP, and lastly, open an account.
  • All donations are pre-established and approved by meeting the Member Evidence Clause and meeting Campaign Approvals.

The Member Guidelines

Post Business Opportunities:

All sponsoring members maintain stringent guidelines to provide donation services. All donation Campaigns are pre-approved before being sponsored.

All sponsoring members maintain stringent guidelines to provide donation services. All donation Campaigns are pre-approved before being sponsored.

Post Business Opportunities:

Communities can Payoff Debt:
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Churches and Religious Organizations
  • Private Foundations
  • Other Nonprofits

Payoff mortgages, finance expansion of community services, and offer daycare, after-school programs canceled to State and county budget cuts, and more.

Government Augment Working Capital:
  • Federal State Local Governments
  • Governmental Liaisons
  • Political Organizations

State governments have been facing extreme financial deficits. Forming various communities as great interest communities to participate can help fund “Health Maintenance Organization, form network to funding schools, outreach programs, providers services to under-serviced community segments, and more.

Sponsorship Providers:
  • Fundraiser Charter Groups
  • Social Groups
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Established businesses

Can create groups to participate in funding projects for nonprofits and create an option to receive a contribution.

Form Groups to Raise Donations and Working Capital to fund initiatives.
  • Indian Tribal Governments
  • International Countries

Sovereign Nations dictate how funding as a donation platform must operate in their countries.

eCETP operates as a worldwide operation follow guileless established per country. Therefore, we do not provide services prohibited in those their country.

The Countries we can operate are in eCETP Marketplace Terms of Use.