Services Provided by eCETP Members

eCETP infrastructure Creates Business Opportunities

What We Do:

  • We engage our Marketplace to share innovative funding and payment services with rewards and benefits with their communities.

  • Price evaluates the Backer’s ability to fund real-time betterment and life improvement projects and programs as a private membership network.
  • Participating in donations can generate rewards that create repeatable benefits both in earning and funding the ability to use deposits to self-finance repeatable donations within the eCETP platform.

How To Get Involved

Things To Take Into Consideration:

  • To deploy a donation event typically takes 2 to 5 weeks to prepare and deploy.
  • To Submit Your Campaign.
  • Complete the online contact form to schedule a conference call to meet your regional State Agent.

We recommend Reading the Member Evidence Clause before your conference call.

  • Pre-register for Training Program, and once complete, purchase your 1st DBP to become an Alliance Partner officially.

  • Submit an Online Sponsor Campaign using the eCETP Donation Contribution Platform.
  • Alliance Partner Starter Packages are only available to authorized Alliance Members with an Alliance ID

The Business Protectives

Post Service Opportunities:

  • Many investments provide more than just a profitable margin, while that goal should always be available as an option.
  • For some investors, funding the opportunity includes participating in business development to expand services and products. The best approach to joining post activities is enrolling in eCETP training on its various services and products.
  • For others, the market opportunity to support the use case for Ether being a Utility and gaining an ROI on their investment.
  • The investor can elect to participate as one of the 452 State or Abroad Country Agents.

There are ways to participate in sponsored donations campaigns:

  1. Receiving a contribution,
  2. Providing products, and
  3. Service solutions to support our Alliance Partner segments.

Business Opportunities are available to State Agents, Professional Service Providers, and For-Profit entities.

  • There are thousands of existing and canceled projects due to the lack of funding that once were required and still needed. The For-profit opportunity as a certified eCETP support arm can aid the Nonprofit in structuring and conducting a donation to raise funding for real-time and essential community shared requirements.
  • By becoming a For-Profit Alliance Partner: Working with groups to funding programs and programs as follows:
  • You are helping to fund doctors or medical personnel for Health maintenance organizations (HMOs).
  • Establish Rural Health Clinics (RHC) programs, Food Banks, manufacturing plants needing equipment, supply channels, Learning Centers, public programs, construction projects, churches paying off their mortgage, and much more.

The Marketplace:

  • The Marketplace includes 52 State Agents in the USA States and 400 abroad countries worldwide. The market focus is where prevailing conditions are due to the lack of taxation or economic conditions.

  • Alternative methods to generate working Capital to stabilize obvious financial and adverse conditions offer the best match.
  • Governments and Nonprofit organizations with operations heavily depend on charitable giving with or without the staffing needed to conduct donations.
  • In some situations, it has adverse or financial impacts or does not have the resources needed to prepare or run a campaign to raise funding.
  • There are thousands of governments, Nonprofit organizations, plus foundations with canceled programs and projects, which were once essential and still needed, but lacked the funding.
  • The business practice is where a For-Profit entity can become the support arm to aid the Sponsor under the Member Evidence Clause in conducting a donation to raise funding for real-time community shared requirements

Why the For-Profit Alliance Partners:

The For-Profit Alliance Partner is the keystone holding the space between the State Agent and the Nonprofit Organizations.

Their agreement is a commitment to work with State Agents to aid in funding approved projects and programs, such as:

  • For the employment of doctors or medical personnel for HMO/RHC, free dental services, afterschool learning centers, public information programs, construction projects, and churches paying off their mortgage,
  • Schools in need of various resources, community disaster preparedness, remote learning resources, medical services, learning materials, and transportation services, and much more within your communities,
  • Hospitals that need vital equipment and supplies,
  • Establishing full-service Rural Health Clinics (RHC),
  • Food banks, manufacturing plants in need of equipment, supply channels,
  • Supporting communities of individuals,
  • Expanding an Organizations’ ability to enroll subscribers,
  • Aid in converting members to subscribers for their operation, and
  • To help complete the development of their infrastructures required additional funding support for services to guarantee the multiple funding requirements are obtainable.

To acquire information on State Agents contact : Contact IJJ Corporation (“IJJCorp”) for your location.

The State Agent:

  • The State Agents are responsible for all Orders in their terrorists with access to details and ODO justification.
  • Their Role will approve selected professional services for its Alliance Partners at state government’s local levels and Nonprofit projects, such as children medical and welfare services, disaster relief welfare programs, betterment and improvement initiatives, and more.
  • The State Agent can approve and submit recommendations to cancel programs and project funding within the Standard Operating Procedure.

The For-Profit:

  • Must be a Sole proprietor, LLC, or Simple Member LLC, Corporations, approved by meeting the Member Evidence Clause for membership approval.
  • For-profit Purpose: The commitment to provide eCETP campaign professional services and advertise to the target market to help structure their ability to raise working capital.
  • A for-profit entity under the Member Evidence Clause MUST provide an approved Nonprofit with donation support services to receive contributions.

The Service Provider:

  • The Role is to offer various professional services or as a manufacturer with the invitation from a State Agent in concert with eCETP certified Campaign Expert as the Team Structure.
  • The Nonprofit, State Agent or For-Profit will hire services to furnish materials, equipment, human resources, and specialized technologies for projects and programs.
  • The Professional Service Provider is a registered member in eCETP under their services categories. In some cases, even registered as For-Profit.
  • Their Role brings innovation and development services where the Nonprofit, State Agent, and For-Profit will propose their capabilities as integral components for an approved project or program.

The State Agent will approve selected professional services for its Alliance Partners at state governments at local levels and Nonprofit projects, such as children medical and welfare services, disaster relief welfare programs, betterment, and improvement initiatives, and more.

Professional Service providers are Sole proprietors, LLC, or Simple Member LLC, Corporations, approved by meeting the Member Evidence Clause for membership approval.

Other Services provided to Alliance Partners:


  • Building communities requires meeting the need principles, understanding the culture, and addressing the funding Requirements. Working on creating innovative solutions will always demand leadership within a community.
  • The initiative requires State Agents, For-Profit, and Service Providers to engage communities with budgetary sponsored donations funding programs within a network as a private membership enterprise providing a complete one-stop point of service.


The exchange platform utilizes Cryptographic hashed Ethereum token standards as a utility to manage the disbursement of earnings from a donation from Donors registered as subscribers Backing various funding categories self-sponsored by Alliance Partners within the Target Markets.

  1. Our mission integrates cryptographic hashed tokens using blockchain Smart Contract technology to manage and track sending and receiving fiat. In addition, the Ether Token standard accountability is ensured with ether tokens offering an innovative set of assets to control the exchange between the Sponsor and the donator.
  2. Our customer service starts in the back-office, where business mission-oriented goals and objectives are structured, and business tools and solutions to maintain a pro-active plan.
  3. To deploy business solutions requires working capital.
  4. By adding Blockchain, Smart Contract technology added accountability as a trustful exchange of assets. In addition, we are combining Cryptocurrencies with Nationalized Currencies.


The funding methods linked six areas to pay disbursements as follows:

  • A Private Unfettered Network: An automated computing environment using shared with Ethereum Smart Contracts to process payments.
  • Debt Relief Workouts: Using Service Level Agreements for Public Companies using assets with Investors being Collateralized and acquiring Restricted shares.
  • Recurring Funding: Nonprofit creating subscriber groups as backers
  • Payment Services: BPaaS uses Smart Contracts to use unchangeable construct coding in the Alliance Partner site remote module to control raising working capital.

Recycling of Currency:

  • The backend processing resource as the Account Receipts is reusable between 3 to 6 times.
  • Repeatable Donations: Using reward earnings as Deposits Conversions.
  • The above list of services is post-business opportunities after the launch of eCETP. The post activities will include building membership and engaging the community in conducting donations with multiple support services.